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New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund (NOTCF) is a non-profit  economic development corporation that will (1) provide services and financial support to the culture-bearers and cultural economy of New Orleans, including, without limitation, the people, enterprises, and communities that transform cultural skills, knowledge, and ideas into economically productive goods, services, and places, and (2) enhance tourism in New Orleans by strengthening the cultural economy, which attracts tourists to New Orleans, supporting events and festivals.

New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund offers a modest funding program to individuals and organizations that are engaging in activities that promote the cultural economy through educating our youth, training our cultural producers, providing networking opportunities, creating cultural events and much more.


  • Workshops, trainings, and conferences that build cultural economy capacity in cultural non-profits, neighborhood organizations, and cultural businesses.  Capacity Building includes networking, teaching skills such as fundraising/grant writing, working with partners to improve programming, leveraging, education about sustainability, learning of new concepts such as place-based planning, digital infrastructure etc.
  • Workshops, trainings, and conferences in any of the cultural segments as defined by the NOTCF economic development plan: 1) Performance & Traditional Practices Cultural Activities & Businesses, 2) Food Related Related Cultural Activities & Businesses, 3) Building Arts & Preservation Cultural Activities and Businesses, 4) Writing and Publishing Cultural Activities & Businesses, 5) Design & Web Cultural Activities & Businesses, and 6) Visual Arts and Crafts Cultural Activities and Businesses.
  • Events with creative and cultural components.  Funds can be used for paying musicians or other performers, attracting tourists, or other activities that will directly impact either cultural workers or attract sales for art and cultural vendors.


  • State and federal 501(c)3 nonprofits
  • For profit businesses licensed with the City and State and are in good standing
  • Individuals, such as artists, who have secured a fiscal agent (such as a nonprofit)


•Level 1: $1-$2,500-Minigrant

  • For smaller projects and program support that are focused on smaller communities with limited scopes and time periods, such as a single creative production or single community event

•Level 2: $2,501-$10,000

  • For mid-level projects and programs that reach a larger audience, train a sub-section of cultural bearers/cultural workers for specific tasks over a limited period, support larger community events with a wider impact on the cultural economy

•Level 3: $10,001-$20,000

  • For larger scale projects and programs that stretch over a larger time period, reach a wide audience, train a class of culture bearer/worker in multiple skills, larger multi-community/city-wide events


NOTCF will fund applications throughout 2021.


Currently, the Hotel Occupancy Privilege Tax is the only source of revenue for NOTCF.  This tax is generated when hotel rooms in the New Orleans area are occupied. Hotel occupants pay $.50-$1 for every night a hotel room is occupied. Although it is not a requirement for an applicant to have hotel rooms blocked for its event to be approved for funding, it would be beneficial to know if hotel rooms have been blocked for the event when reviewing the request for funding.  Positive economic impact for the City of New Orleans has the potential to drive the Hotel Occupancy taxes and therefore, allow NOTCF to support events at higher levels each year.

Sustainability measures allow organizers and the NOTCF applicant review committee to consider the long-term view of the organization and any potential challenges an organizer might face with an event.  Consideration of challenges allows the organizers to develop plans to mitigate those challenges so that an event can be executed successfully.


  1. Explain how your event or program will provide a positive economic impact for the City of New Orleans. You should include a description of hotel rooms blocked for an event and any other details to support your explanation.
  2. Explain how your event will contribute to any of the cultural groups identified in NOTCF’s economic development plan, a copy of which is on the NOTCF website.
  3. Explain how your event or program will include diverse populations, including the following examples, persons with disabilities, various ethnicities, young people, low income, elderly, and LGBTQ.
  4. Describe how your event will build skills or organizational structures that allow the cultural community to fully participate in society.
  5. Describe how your event will bring people together for the purpose of improving or developing their community.
  6. Will you partner with any organizations for this event? If yes, please list the names of the organizations and provide documentation to support the partnership, if available.


  1. Explain the current management structure of your organization. Providing an organization chart would be helpful in reviewing the application.
  2. Describe the management framework in place to effectively plan and execute your event.
  3. Explain any barriers or challenges you could possibly face in organizing this event and the contingency planning to mitigate those barriers and challenges.
  4. Explain how you plan to execute, monitor and evaluate the event.
  5. Explain how you plan to promote the event. Will you use social media, radio or television? Please provide a media plan if available.


  1. Are you a first-time applicant for this event? If not, has your organization received funding in the last two years for this event?
  2. Has your organization secured funding from other organizations or through fundraising efforts to support this event?
  3. Have you determined a process on how your organization will measure the economic impact to the City of New Orleans? Will you collect sales reports from the vendors?